The EM Spectrum

After 23 years of Biblical Research experience, 15 years of Military Communications Research (MOC 291) experience and 40 years of studying this phenomenon, this is my definitive conclusion.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies (the spectrum) of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths and photon energies. The electromagnetic spectrum covers electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from below one hertz to above 10²⁵ hertz, corresponding to wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atomic nucleus. This frequency range is divided into separate bands, and the electromagnetic waves within each frequency band are called by different names; beginning at the low frequency (long wavelength) end of the spectrum these are: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays at the high-frequency (short wavelength) end. The electromagnetic waves in each of these bands have different characteristics, such as how they are produced, how they interact with matter, and their practical applications. The limit for long wavelengths is the size of the universe itself, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length. Gamma rays, X-rays, and high ultraviolet are classified as ionizing radiation as their photons have enough energy to ionize atoms, causing chemical reactions.

Revelation August 8, 2021 Satan and the demons have no power from God. Satan and the demons have to resort to using the EM Spectrum to produce photons (visual), chemical reactions (physical sensations) and radio (voices). Demonic activity is asymmetrical like terrorist activity. This explains the alien abduction experience and Satanic dreams. Further, the EM Spectrum is also used to produce physical sensations. It is impossible to have the Sacred Spirit of God and to be demonized at the same time. This is for you to know and will comfort you. Satan and the demons also have no way of knowing what is going on in Heaven or spiritually with us. This is known in the Bible as “Tartarus”. 

For people who are not Meshikhi. This is separate from physically entering and manipulating people but the EM Spectrum is the primary component of paranormal phenomena. Neither Satan nor the demons may enter a Meshikhi physically.

The EM communications event is differentiated as follows. In an EM communications event, you experience full color visual communications. As stated in the information about Satan, it is impossible to have the sacred spirit of God and a demon at the same time. Christian Meshikhi experience communications only, nothing physical. God’s spirit is invisible.

The use of chemical reactions. Satan can both cause chemical reactions in humans and then remove them (fake miracles). He can also cause false test medical results using the EM Spectrum, causing both misdiagnosis or perfect diagnosis to make some operations seem miraculous. Sometimes it is just the skill of the surgeon.

It is now definite. The alien experience is Satan and the demons using the EM Spectrum. Alien abduction experiences are totally immersive and intense. In 1995 or earlier, a female Master Corporal in the Canadian Military experienced what she believed was an alien experience and was visibly shaken by the experience. I did not witness the experience, but wondered at the time if the electromagnetic spectrum was involved. I am now positive that this was the case.

Crowd sightings of UFO’s and an entire Mosque having the same dream of planes flying into tall building prior to 911 give evidence of the use of the electromagnetic spectrum by Satan and the demons.

Bible Study with a Muslim while I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses

During an indepth study of the Bible with a Muslim, he confided with me that just prior to 9/11, the people in his mosque dreamt about jets flying into tall buildings.

This was very difficult for that honest man to admit. I assured him the dream was not from God. I never mentioned it before out of fear for the safety of the man. If it was known he had told an outsider, he certainly would have been killed. The dream likely made a deep impression on the people who experienced it. It is probably a very guarded secret.

Reasoning from the Scriptures

1 Timothy 4:1 “However, the inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances [sometimes conveyed in dreams] and teachings of demons.”

James 1:13 When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.

God does not try, or test, anyone by inciting him to behave badly. God neither causes bad to happen nor incites others to do what is bad. Who or what, then, is to blame when bad things happen? (Watchtower July 1, 2014)

Since the person I studied with seemed sincere and was honest about it, I believe he was not complicit. That leads to one conclusion. Satan and the demons were directly involved, not only in 9/11 but in Islam itself. Only by utilizing the EM Spectrum could a dream be accomplished of this nature. Satan is one person and can only be in one place at one time.

Deuteronomy 18:10-14 condems such things as foretelling events, another reason the dream was not from God.

You can’t get rid of a tree by pulling off its leaves. You have to tear it out by the roots. You can’t get rid of false religion with little slaps on the wrist and threats. You destroy false religion by exposing their hateful doctrines as false.

President of the United States notified about the mosque dream.

For Meshikhi. If you should have an alien experience where they appear as normal people, do not worry, the power of God is with you, even if you are not lucid during the experience. You will awaken knowing you have defeated Satan and the demons by the power of God.

The Illuminati are unwitting agents of Satan, believing they are communicating with superintelligent alien beings. Everything they do has a negative impact on both the environment and religio-political entitites. All pseudo scientific information supports the idea of evolution or extraterrestrial involvement in the development and advancement of the people of Earth.


Satan and the demons are utilizing the EM Spectrum in ways we do not understand. Those who have had alien abduction experiences are victims of Satan. The experiencing are physical illusions, more advanced than a holodeck, both physical and illusory with haptic response.

Those who become Meshikhi may not be entered physically, so it is only a communications experience.

The First Illuminati


c. 3000 B.C.E. Humans began to have the alien experience. It was overwhelming for people who had no modern technology. These experiences were written down in various forms and there is both written and pictoral evidence, such as drawings of what are interpreted to be aliens on the walls of caves. The FBI, The CIA and The DOD since since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt have tried to discern what is happening with people. The alien cover story is problematic. On the one hand it provides security, on the other hand it perpetuates the myth of aliens. Satan knows this and chooses his victims carefully in his asymmetrical warfare on humans.

Those humans who believe Satan and enjoy his reward system are present in every institution on Earth. As Meshikhi, if you work for the government, only be aware of it.

I began a more thorough examination of this phenomenon after being told about the operations at Area 51 by an elder (Scott Toevs) of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been found to be Christian Kabbalists (see the page The Roman Jehovah). This is a quote from the elder “All of Jehovah’s Witnesses know about it”. The elder is a member of the inner circle of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, The Secret Socieity known by insiders simply as “The Society”. Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses are low ranking members of The Society. I became a member of the inner circle April 14, 2014. I experienced Kabbalism but never subscribed to it. I merely tried to understand it.

Those humans who believe Satan and enjoy his reward system are present in every institution on Earth. As Meshikhi, if you work for the government, only be aware of it. Religio-political entities are affected at the highest level.

Influential people who are credible do not have the alien abduction experience, they have the Illuminati experience. Only helpless people and people who are not credible have the terrifying alien abduction experience.

Aliens did not build the pyramids of Egypt

Is the base of the pyramid a perfect square?

Scientists have concluded that the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza is lopsided, due to a mistake made by builders during its construction. … This is because the base is not square, with one side 14.4 centimetres longer than the one opposite it.

If the pyramids were built by aliens or even supervised by aliens the base of the pyramid would be a perfect square and the pyramid would have perfect symmetry and not be lopsided.

Instead, the pyramids were built by slave labor and measured using imperfect human methods and by humans with imperfect tools and imperfect visual acuity.


Satan cannot read your mind in the absolute sense but he uses the electromagnetic spectrum and advanced brain reading technology far superior to what is currently known by science.

Satan wants to create what appears to be artificial life that can read your mind using AI technology, as if from aliens and a false Messiah or Christ.

Headware lined with copper [PDF] ensures absolute protection discretely. Do not wear a “tin foil” hat. All places of government must be tempest shielded as soon as humanly possible.

Satan uses the same technology to impose impersonations of people including God and Christ on people. Satan has been in Heaven for a million years and knows their voices well.

Remember the rule, Satan said to the demon “You be God and I’ll be the demon”.

Meshikhi are not overly concerned about this Great Enemy of the children of God. We are with Y’hayah, the God of Isra’al, Our Abba.

Revelation 2022-02-10 Crititcal

My beloved Meshikhi,

Due to Our Activity, Satan and the demons are doing an all out attack on The Meshikhi, using million year old technology on us (Satan is around a million years old and gave the technology to human agents of Satan), Everything on the EM Spectrum page is true. But we were ready. He wanted to take over our brain using this technology and make us like robots. If anything strange happens use the Name Y’hayah. The Name of Y’hayah is strong tower and into the righteous run and are safe. I was ready for it.

Be relaxed but alert. Precedent: magnets behind the ears change mood. It may be he will turn everyone into robots who are not with Father. Whether you are going to Heaven or will remain on Earth, trust in our Father explicitly and keep hold to the faith and the things you have treasured up spiritually. Do not believe anything that you will see or hear. It is generated using the electromagnetic spectrum. It is impossible to have the sacred spirit of God and to have a demon at the same time.

Trust Y’hayah with your life and you will be safe.

Y’hayah is the safe haven and the place of rest.

Lookup virtual reality with haptic response.

Satan and the demons have technology that’s
a million years more advanced.

They are cutting into people and they are feeling it.
They torture people and it doesn’t leave a mark.

The alien abduction experience is Satan and the demons,

and it is real.


Sher Harvey, CD

Military Occupation Code (MOC 291)

Revelation 2022-02-10 Crititcal

My beloved Meshikhi,

Due to Our Activity, Satan and the demons are doing an all out attack on The Meshikhi, using million year old technology on us (Satan is around a million years old and gave the technology to human agents of Satan), Everything on the EM Spectrum page is true. But we were ready. He wanted to take over our brain using this technology and make us like robots. If anything strange happens use the Name Y’hayah. The Name of Y’hayah is strong tower and into the righteous run and are safe. I was ready for it

.Be relaxed but alert. Precedent: magnets behind the ears change mood. It may be he will turn everyone into robots who are not with Father. Whether you are going to Heaven or will remain on Earth, trust in our Father explicitly and keep hold to the faith and the things you have treasured up spiritually. Do not believe anything that you will see or hear. It is generated using the electromagnetic spectrum. It is impossible to have the sacred spirit of God and to have a demon at the same time.

EM Spectrum


Trust Y’hayah with your life and you will be safe.

Y’hayah is the safe haven and the place of rest.

With love,


EM Spectrum Update 2022-02-17 Do not let your room get too warm and do not get dehydrated. If you do, you are more vulnerable to EM Spectrum attack, especially when overtired.

While working at Dell Computers as a technical support specialist, I noted that it was a highly charged EM environment and you had to stay hydrated or it was especially exhausting.

If you are overly tired or exhausted, you will sense that the person speaking using the radio portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum is up close, not as the voices are normally. It is a hypnotic voice. First they condition people by using repetition and then gaslight them using the hypnotic voice. Gaslighting is a colloquialism, loosely defined as making someone question their own reality.

Another thing that is done, is to touch parts of your brain to make you feel sensations in parts of your body. God is not touching your body, nor is he allowing Satan to touch your body in an unholy way. It is all done via the brain.

See also: The science of the invisibility cloak.

Satan is a one million year old ex-Cherub thrown out of Heaven with all those who followed him, with absolute knowledge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum). The technologies he is sharing with agents of Satan, (those with Satan, not Government agents) is a million years advanced from current technology we see around us.

Do not be afraid. As long as we are with The True God, Y’hayah, and have faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshwah, we are protected absolutely. Knowledge is power, and Satan is less than nothing compared to the infinite power of God.

Infrasound and Religion

Infrasound, sometimes referred to as low status sound, describes sound waves with a frequency below the lower limit of human audibility (generally 20 Hz). Hearing becomes gradually less sensitive as frequency decreases, so for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high.,pressure%20must%20be%20sufficiently%20high.

Infrasound in Church Organs

Infrasound produced by Church Organs has one purpose.

Smaller Church organs, begin to instill beliefs in a certain religion.
As a person progresses in the ranks of The Church, the infrasound experience intensifies. The larger the Church Organ, the more intense the religious experience.

Those with power who attend Mass in the largest churches accept the ones with such religous power, as they experience the infrasound of the largest Church Organs in the world without their knowledge. In essence, those with the most authority and power on Earth are indoctrinated without their knowledge.

All people are affected who hear infrasound. It instills religious feelings in people and an unnatural fear of God.

The real meaning for the fear of God is reverent love and respect, do not be afraid of Our Father in Heaven.

If you intentionally sinning or not listening to your conscience you will feel that something is wrong with what you are doing. That is natural.

This makes them unable to accept, the simple Christian truth taught by The Meshikhi, Followers of The Messiah at and

The Candle

The practice of lighting a candle during storms.
Some parents light a candle during thunder and lightning storms as part of a religious superstition.

As the storm gradually moves away, the child may believe that the candle is involved if they pray to God at such times.

It is something not to be done.

They begin to think that the power of God is in the candle flame.
(I have never believed this).

God’s sacred spirit does not produce heat in any way. EM Spectrum is used by Satan to make people feel heat via chemical reactions.

It is also invisible and not detectable in any way by humans on Earth except a Meshikhi with the sacred spirit of Our Father in Heaven will note that they are able to only love.

See the page titled God is life.

I am an administrative assistant to God only, not “The Secretary” mentioned in The Bible.

I the Daughter mentioned at Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only. For this scripture NIV is the correct translation.

Message sent to The President of The United States 2022-02-28 8:08pm

Dear Mr. President,

EM Spectrum follow-up with report on Infrasound and Religion – operational update

The EM Spectrum

The following message has been sent to Brother Bergoglio at the Vatican via the archdiocese in Ottawa, Canada.

Dear Brother Bergoglio,

You must read this or you may not know what
Is happening during this time of the end.

The EM Spectrum

Sher Harvey

Only have faith Mr. President.

You must tell people that no one will hurt them if they are with Y’hayah The True God and have faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshwah.

Yeshwah is the first of God’s children in Heaven.

Y’hayah is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible.
Yeshwah is represented by Isaac in The Bible.

Two people, nothing strange.

Remember God loves you and Yeshwah loves you.

EM Spectrum attack confirmed. People are being gaslighted so that they cannot communicate with their own brain. Process initiated in hospital by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every word he spoke was articulated by my tongue o the roof of my mouth. I knew it was a form of spiritual communications. As soon as I became a member of The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the inner circle, known by insiders as simply “The Society”. Full report about The Roman Jehovah on this website. They are a part of The Synagogue of Satan mentioned in The Bible along with Kabbalistic Judaism (not what I have termed Kosher Judaism). I need to do this because I am not able to communicate with my brain anymore fully. Joe Biden was attacked by strong EM Spectrum attack, not EM Pulse. Symptoms noted, pressure in the brain and slurred speech and tongue feels thick and films in the nose to make you feel thick headed, like when you have a cold. Remove the films to think clearly.

Attacks were done in the bedroom and bathroom, memories that God does not look at. They are private files only for the person to know. In order for God to know the full extent of the attack on me, I asked Him to look at those files. God has intimate knowledge of the activities of Watch Tower and Satan.

No limbic nucleus test may be trusted, magnetic imaging will be inconclusive or a wrong result because of tampering by Satan. Also, anything found in the body or brain are not of alien origin but are implanted by Satan in the alien abduction experience described above.

Satan along Watch Tower attempt to destroy people born with a birth defect and tried to masculinize me by an all out attack on the limbic nucleus in my brain. I am a woman born with a birth defect and know who I am in the absolute sense and will be treated in Heaven for what has been done to me.

For Watch Tower, I am innocent of your charges against me.

Mercy is written all over the Bible, but you discarded it as refuse. You do not hear the cry of the lowly one nor do you see their tears. And when they pour their heart out to you, you do not listen to them.

God is love and God is Mercy.

Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God.

There was no mercy in the back room of that Kingdom Hall.

And you didn’t even bother to look it up, the two links above took less than one minute to find.

I am innocent.

Gaslighting is done by Watch Tower using repetition of phrases in the Watchtower magazine, a thought linking technique using mind altering editing, described and proven on the page titled The Roman Jehovah on this website, repeated several times by those who answer questions about paragraphs in the articles.

I tried to express a thought in my own words and an Elder, Bob Toevs, said to me “use the thoughts from the paragraphs, those are the good ones”.

I am one of The Hooks in The Jaws of Satan mentioned in The Bible, there is a link on this website about us, to draw out and expose his asymmetrical tacts in the war that he waging on The Children of God.

Yeshwah is in Heaven, any Yeshwah on Earth is The AntiChrist.

Neither God nor Yeshwah would hurt anyone in any way, and if you are affected, God would not do anything bad to you in any way. Neither God nor Yeshwah nor any sacred angel will use profanity or sexual language. I have known this from the beginning as I studied the phenomenon.

Something has been inserted in my brain, to augment he afforementioned brain reading technology, but at a level far advanced of what is known.

I have experienced life hacking on an epic scale, but was always aware of it and did not blink an eyelash as I gathered information.

Remember God loves you and Yeshwah loves you.

God will remember you, even if you can’t remember yourself, you are safe and your soul is safe in His memory.

Mr. President, you know the rest as reported at via the contact form. No classified information was given out on the Internet because it is a public network nor by other means that you are aware of. Every keystroke on my computer has been monitored over time, in an attempt to frame me about everything on the research page, but as you know, I cannot explain further.

For those who know things, The President may have been compromised and may not be communicating with his own brain. Anyone who is with Y’hayah The True God and puts faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshwah will know exactly what is going on.

Emergency now 2022-03-26 6:23pm Eastern Standard Time, external voices and voices even in broadcast into your head and EM touching parts of your brain affecting speech, even whispering. This is not a joke. Magnetic dampening planes now required around all Government worldwide, as soon as humanly possible.

Noted the effect of a highly charged EM environment while working as an XPS support representative at
Dell. It was necessarily to remain very hydrated, drinking bottled water constantly to stay focused
and alert, or I would feel the effects of the EM environment, exhaustion, foggy brain as if I had
a cold and skin feeling “hot”.

Thank you Mr. President. I am almost no longer able to report, but be safe Sir.

The Government are Ministers for our good according to the Bible, do not speak one word against them.

And do not look at bad examples in The Government who have been compromised by Satan.

And if you are doing evil, be afraid, for it is not without reason that The Government bears The Sword. And they will use it in the absolute sense as Ministers of God to destroy religion, in its entirety to free The Children of God from enslavement to religion, which is nothing but harmful to us.

By the power of Our Father it will be.

Yeshwah is The First of Abba’s Children in Heaven.

Yeshwah is Lord.

I and The Children you gave me (to take care of) applies to Yeshwah Christ only, Yeshwah The True Messiah, The One Lord of Ephesians 4:5. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.

Yeshwah is Lord.

When magnets are placed behind the ears, they change mood. Such is Satan’s ultimate headphone plan for wireless headphones. They cover the ears totally for an immersive experience listening to music. Using The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum) Satan’s only real tool to use (He has no power from God), He plans to control people completely and give them a suicidal or violent mood, either way it spells death for people.

The early wireless headphones overheat, because that’s wireless if done wrong, and the battery blows up and you end up with battery acid all over your face.

I suspect Satan plans to use an aluminum/copper mix, to heat them up automatically.

That is Satan basically. he wants to kill The Children of Y’hayah, he always has.

That’s the truth.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart CD (Canadian Decoration and NATO clasp D12004878 retired), Military Occupation Code MOC 291

Watch Tower first attempted to groom me into believing I was masculine. Then when I asserted my gender identity as female and identified myself as a woman, they sexually harassed me for two years, in person, on the phone and by two men in the back room of the Kingdom Hall. All of this is detailed on this website. Watch Tower cleanses Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses of people born with birth defects such as masculinization in the womb and then Satan tortures them to try and convince them that they are male in an attempt to create a fully masculinized female to validate the two sex God jehovah of the Roman religion that incorporated Christianity.

Sher, Wife of Yeshwah in Heaven

Remember God loves you and Yeshwah loves you.

Satan has no power from God, but has intricate knowledge of The EM Spectrum. Using the principle of magnets behind the ears can change mood I have extrapolated that Satan is using The EM Spectrum along with in the ear headphones along with resonating RF frequencies to affect the limbic nucleus of the brain and people’s gender perception.

Retrieve all personnel from the space station and shoot down everything in space. As proven on the page about Watch Tower, people are being controlled unconsciously without their knowledge. Brain reading technology along with haptic technology is employed from space.

There are no aliens, it is proven, Satan and the demons are a reality, do not pretend that it is not possible.

Everyone, including those in the entertainment industry are affected, when the director says action, juxtaposition of bodies is done, sophisticated visual programming introduced since the inception of television.

How much moreso with current technology, and far advanced technology used by human agents of Satan (not Government Agents) that Satan has been aware of and working on for thousands of years, having intricate knowledge of Earth’s natural systems.

Wifi in the sky must not be allowed, it is a coordinated terrorist plot, similar to the loss of the stealth drone that everyone is aware of, waiting for aircraft to be on autopilot, and then piggybacking the control signals.

Wifi with extended range Wifi and control of aircraft systems from any powered jack on the planes that is not isolated and over the electrical outlets in the washrooms of planes, all aircraft are vulnerable, including Airforce One via Satellite.

Every illusion of privacy must be understood to not exist, if Internet over the wiring in your house can be done, then it can be done on the electrical grid.

Having “secret” meetings at Camp David is useless, Satan and the demons simply report it Agents of Satan, and they work feverously to undermine anything that is discussed that is peaceful or good.

The correct translation in The Lord’s prayer reads

Do not let us succumb to temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Most people have been protected by The Lord’s Prayer against The Synagogue of Satan, Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian Kabbalism, and Kabbalistic Judaism (not Kosher Judaism, a term created by The Meshikhi to differentiate that which is spiritually clean.

End of report for those following this website for updates.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

© Copyright 2017-2023 Tiffany Tracy McTaggart