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You must have accurate knowledge of what is happening in the world with regard to religion and the religio-political implications.

Isaiah 55:11 so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me without results, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, The Secret Society known by insiders, simply as “The Society” and THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION mentioned in The New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures, must be destroyed, every copy on Earth. It is the greatest abomination against the sacred spirit of God ever conceived by the mind of Satan.

Synagogue of Satan in The Bible identified as Kabbalistic Judaism (not what The Meshikhi have termed “Kosher Judaism) and Watch Tower. Kabbalism involves Jewish mysticism, magic and the occult that Our Father in Heaven, Y’hayah warns about at Deuteronomy Chapter 18. Kabbalism is based on The Zohar, NOT The Bible. Hillel The Elder of renown for being a Great Jewish Sage, is directly implicated along with the Sanhedrin c. 30 C.E. of not only approving the vowel pointing for the name jehovah, but are directly implicated in accusing Yeshua Christ of blaspheme, which led to His being crucified on a cross at Calvary.

Both Watch Tower as an organization and Kabbalistic Judaism with its great wealth, must be plundered to pay off the entire world debt and whatever money is left over, given to the poor. Kabbalist Judaism is identified by using the Tetragrammaton YHWH and the name jehovahyahwehjesus in any combination.

Watch Tower Indicted for “cleansing” of their congregations of transgender, transsexual and intersex people, using powerful lawyers to defend themselves. As proven at the provided link, the two-sex god named jehovah is involved and proven. The book titled The Rise Decline and Fall of The Roman Religion by James B. Hannay, first published in 1925 does two things. On the one hand it exposes the two sex god jehovah and on the other, attempts to destroy The Bible. Watch Tower is also the epicentre of The Rise of The Roman Religion II controlled entirely by The Enclave of Satan itself “The Society”.

The destruction of The Society must become the template for discovering and destroying all secret societies on The Earth. They are Satan in nature, and when they speak, they use the language of “The Inner Circle” which cannot be known except by those with Satan and myself. I was commissioned by God for this purpose. I and an unknown number of others are known as The Hooks in the “Jaws” of Satan” mentioned in The Bible. The purpose was to expose all of Satan’s entire plan against The Children of God on Earth.

The Inner Circle of Satan’s Religious World System

In my book ‘The Inner-Circle In The Outer World’, I gave a lot of information about the Inner-Circle and their view of the rest of the world. To them, all non-royals were their property and were to be used by them in any way that they wished. Which is why they would send people off to war, or destroy entire cities whenever they wished. People who have no idea that the world has been controlled not by average people, but by Inner-Circle royals have blamed war and human atrocities upon Humanity itself, when that is far from the truth. True Humanity has never had a chance, as the world has been controlled by the Inner-Circle for thousands of years.
Today, the Inner-Circle still exists, but though they are descendants of the royals who had once ruled, they no longer derive their power from inherited titles, but from knowledge and wealth. They laugh whenever they see the average person as a believer in the fictional God that their ancestors invented; as this is a measure of how much power they still enjoy over the rest of us. When they see the average person speak out of ignorance, they laugh. And that is because they know that as long as the public is ignorant, they are gullible and can still be easily controlled and manipulated.
The Inner-Circle have always lived lives of luxury and enjoyed many advantages and advances in science long before non-royals; but they never let on, because they did not want non-royals to have what they had, nor did they want non-royals to have knowledge, as knowledge itself, was power.
In modern times, archaeologists have been finding evidence of ancient inventions and innovations. The royals in ancient times held knowledge of all things; science and technology (physics, chemistry, etc.), our world and reality itself (metaphysics), of the universe (cosmology), of the things which limit the abilities of the human mind as well as those which enhance mental ability (epistemology), our planet and geography (they traveled worldwide). Of course, they did not want non-royals to know what they knew. Thus, they never wrote publicly about all that they knew or had access to; at least not in a clear, forthright manner.
The schools and libraries that we hear of in ancient records were limited to royals only. The only time that they allowed non-royals into “schools” was for the purpose of indoctrination, not to teach them what the royals knew. Royals had their own places of learning and training. Kings from all over would send their sons to learn at the Druidic colleges for thousands of years; up until the Romans invaded and stole their books, knowledge and innovations. And then, that was kept available only to certain royals – mainly within the family archives of elite royal families. Some of it was shared in libraries that were only accessible to certain royals, and proof of who each individual was who visited those libraries was required.
In the book that I had written about the Inner-Circle, I also told about how the Inner-Circle had various systems and laws unto themselves, and how they made laws that applied only to non-royals so as to put themselves at every advantage against us non-royals. They were kept informed by each other and updated on various events and developments via secret meetings which took place at various times of the year, and which were held in secret locations for different purposes.
Some of the meetings were for elections of I.C. members to certain offices, positions, and committees.
These meetings had protocol, including methods and means to ensure that only those who were of royal blood and of certain rank within the I.C. were permitted into such meetings or even knew about them.
If a non Inner-Circle member were ever caught trying to attend an I.C. meeting, they would be exposed and dealt with, usually be the death of the individual after a long session of torture to get as much information from that individual, so that they could also kill anyone else who might know about their meetings. So, they wanted to know who that individual’s family and friends were, so that they could be killed as well.
There have always been certain publications that were published and distributed only for the elite members of the Inner-Circle, such as newsletters, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. And of which, those outside the Inner-Circle have never seen or heard of. Back in the first century Roman Empire, they had newspapers, for instance. But the non-royal public did not have them, only the elite royals did.
Some of the publications had names or titles like, ‘Novus Ordu’, ‘Triple O’, ‘The Insider’, and ‘Mammin’.
In ancient times, the I.C. had newspapers which were printed using various methods and which were produced using materials which could be easily destroyed once the run of the publication was finished.
They used wood-cut blocks, for instance. Which, once they were finished using, were tossed into a fire to destroy any evidence of them. They also used baked clay “rollers” and their own kind of ink, some of which was obtained from sources in the sea. They also used engraved wax blocks, which after use, were simply melted and used over again.
The descendants of the Inner-Circle of old still rule our world. They are the few who rule our world.
They are now known as The Oligarchy and are a but a small portion of those referred to as the 1%.

Secret societies are Satan’s way of controlling the religious world. He tried to recruit me as the ruler of the entire inner circle, after which he would utterly destroy me. But I am with my Father in Heaven always and simply noting everything on Earth my entire life practically. I didn’t blink an eyelash while doing so and Satan had no idea that I was an agent for God only and this is the humbling of Satan this day.

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the secret society simply known as “The Society” is the epicenter of The Roman Religion, which I am destroying at this time.

All secret societies with their ambiguous language must now be destroyed by me.

The Government and The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, The Secret Society known simply as “The Society”

I became one of the anointed of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a member of their inner circle, April 14, 2014. At that time I began to have terrible spiritual problems and experiences.

I sent a message to Watchtower via their Bible study request form using my inner circle code 333. As a member of the inner circle of “The Society” the secret society of Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses anointed, it was a way of messaging them. But I was only trying to help them with doctrine and called it a doctrinal update.

Google “Mental Health of Jehovah’s Witnesses” with quotes to access a leaked government report that supports this. There is nothing wrong with the mental health of these people, it is entrapment (entrapment by malevolent spirit people). They are threatened spiritually if they expose anything about the inner circle of “The Society”. You will be considered to be “crazy” if you do.

Evidence I am providing as a former member of the inner circle of Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses anointed, the secret society known simply as “The Society” which I believed were involved in spiritual things that were not from God. A leaked government report.

A leaked government report from a .gov web address

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1174772/ [PDF]

The mental health of Jehovah’s Witnesses
J Spencer

PMID: 1174772 DOI: 10.1192/bjp.126.6.556


The function of religion in human society is complex. The part played by religion in psychiatric disorders is even more obscure. Previous literature and theories are divided into two groups: one school believes that intense religiosity is a symptom-complex indicative of psychiatric disorder, while the opposing view is that religious belief in some way acts as a defence mechanism protecting the individual and his psyche. The present study of 50 Jehovah’s Witnesses admitted to the Mental Health Service facilities of Western Australia suggests that members of this section of the community are more likely to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital than the general population. Furthermore, followers of the sect are three times more likely to be diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and nearly four times more likely from paranoid schizophrenia than the rest of the population at risk. These findings suggest that being a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith may be a risk factor predisposing to a schizophrenic illness. Further studies would be interesting in investigating whether pre-psychotic people are more likely to join the sect than normal people and what part (if any) membership has in bringing about such a breakdown.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1174772/ [PDF]

Communications with the spirits is done by “whispering”, moving your mouth silently. This is especially problematic for schizophrenics who whisper to themselves as part of their illness. Hence the diagnosis by doctors that people who become Jehovah’s Witnesses are predisposed in this way. In my case it was initiated by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses during a conversation with him in the hospital when he visited me. As he spoke, the words he was saying were articulated by my tongue against the roof of my mouth. I knew it was some form of spiritual communications and I became adept at it. It progressed to “whispering” discretely and then “voices”. Those who engage in it are susceptible to mental torment and eventually mental torture. I refused to believe that God, who is love, would do this to anyone. Neither God, nor the Son of God, nor the Sacred Angels would use profanity and sexual language. Eventually, the true God, Ahyah, helped me to understand it and gave me the strength to endure it and gave me mastery over it.

The Society has it’s own secret language which is ambiguous speech. Only those who are anointed can understand it and I am a master of it. Messages and related images are sent overtly through the Watchtower magazine. This is why some images seem strange in the Watchtower. For example an image of a classroom full of monkeys. This indicated you were part of Monkey School, a Society inner circle thing. There are many such examples. Spiritual insights are known as “coffee” and communications via ambiguous speech is known as “the recipe”.

I hinted my inner circle code to an Elder while in field service. We were writing down house numbers. The house number was 33, so I saw the opportunity to let him know I was with the inner circle. When I used my inner circle code 333 he said to me, “I thought you were interesting”.

I also had the ultimate authority codeword “discrete”, which I used on only one occasion privately while in a car with an Elder and explained something spiritual to him.

As one who has the gift of discerning the spirits I have explained everything. Read the home page. You can be safe with Ahyah and He knows what was done to you. Understand that it is only communications, you are not demonized. It is impossible to have the sacred spirit of God and a demon at the same time. You might end up in a nauseating conversation with the stupid ones, that’s about it. The dreams have been programmed in, they are meaningless. Ignore them, regardless of production quality.

Here is where the man with ambiguous sayings is revealed. It is The Society. (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania)

Daniel 8:23 “And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, a fierce-looking king who understands ambiguous sayings will stand up.~New World Translation (NWT)

Isaiah 33:19 You will see those arrogant people no more, people whose speech is obscure, whose language is strange and incomprehensible.~New International Version

I was told about Area 51 by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He told me that all Jehovah’s Witnesses know about it.

No more secret society.

The page titled The Roman Religion II will explain the rest. Pictures say more than words sometimes.

With love.

תישוע שחר T’Yeshua, Sher

Remember, God loves you and Yeshua loves you.

We are in a holodeck created by God, who is Y’hayah. Satan controls the holodeck. You have to prove you love God and reject Satan by accepting the Sacrifice of Yeshua or it’s game over shortly. For details read this page first. If it makes sense, baptize yourself and admit you are in a holodeck and who’s side you’re on. That’s the game. And that’s honest.

Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you.

The Antichrist has been identified and is now in the world. Government and media notified 2022-01-13. The false Meshikhi known as Yehudi Meshikhi are also in the world at this time.

1. https://meshikhi.org/to-those-who-govern/

2. Message for those who govern Personal message to The Terrorists and The Muslim People

3. Electromagnetic Spectrum Report

4. https://meshikhi.org/profile-of-vladimir-putin/

5. https://meshikhi.org/vladimir-putins-ultimate-goal/

6. Watch Tower Indicted

7. Summary of False Religion which must be exposed.

8. https://yeshuaislord.today/the-khaburis-codex/

This is my testimony, and I am the Daughter mentioned at Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only.

The Bible narrative is sound. I have vetted The Bible for 23 years and made sure of all things.

One question remains, and it may not be disclosed at this time.

But this is related to it.

For all of God’s Children

We only love, it’s not a slogan, it’s who we are and what we are.

We are Meshikhi, followers of Yeshua, we are Christians.

Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Beloved children of God. Satan and the demons are the enemy, not each other.

Revelation. The original writers in each language of The Bible, wrote correctly. Hebrew is very expressive, a lot more than English. When a Bible says “sons”, it should read “sons and daughters” and the same applies to Greek. The goal of Satan was to suggest to women that they were unimportant and women were not considered as anything, some translations of Ecclesiastes 7.28 make that very apparent. It is not true. Where the scripture applies to men it should say “he or him”, when it applies to women, it should say “she or her”, when it applies to both men and women it should say “they or them”. It is that easy.

The problem was translators for Satan, doing the will of that one, not from Our Father in Heaven, who has proven to me for 58 years that He loves me, His Daughter, with a love that is to time indefinite. No way does He not love me as much as he does one of His sons. Watch Tower is part of The Synagogue of Satan and emphasizes that God preserved His word the Bible that is now known as The Roman Bible by Meshikhi. I removed the false gods from it, but the gender information will take extensive work to remove.

Watch Tower and Satan torture of women mentally

As proved on the page titled The Roman Jehovah, the Synagogue of Satan is Watch Tower along with Kabbalistic Judaism (not what The Meshikhi have termed Kosher Judaism).

Watch Tower tells people that there are only 144,000 who will go to Heaven. These are to be Kings and Priests before God. Note that The Bible says “Kings”.

Then they allow women to believe that they are anointed, part of this group, and the images of the 144,000 in the Watch Tower are only men, with beards and all.

Evidence against Watch Tower’s mental torture of women

Then Satan torments these women with it, of which I was one, because of having the Heavenly hope. Attacks are done by using the power of suggestion and electromagnetic spectrum attacks on the limbic nucleus of the brain, and tries to change their gender identity to neutral or masculine. Of course, as women, we know we are women. It is a very unholy experience.

And I am sealed. I am not a Levite, because I’m not. And the scripture only confirms who the Sons of The Kingdom are, and there was not one woman among them.

Anecdotal, I am from Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Chatham in Hebrew means “sealed”.

Ecclesiastes 7:28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found. (This scripture is referring to the 144,000 men who will be Kings and Priests Do not look at any other translation other than this one or it is a lie, to offend women and make them angry at Our Father in Heaven, Yeshua and men in general.)

Revelation 5:10 (KJV) And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. Kings and priests (NOT priestesses).

The wind blows where it wants to, and so it is with everyone born of the spirit.

I don’t tell anyone where to go, or what to do, or who they are.

And now the conclusion of all time about the millions of gods of Hinduism trying to infiltrate Western Culture to Destroy Christianity

Meshikhi – Hebrew משיחי
Transliteration: mshychy (transliterate.com)
Translation: adj. Christian, Messianic
Meshikhi meaning: “of the Messiah” or “A Follower of the Messiah”.

משיחי Translated with Bing Translator

There are those who are [in opposition to] but [totally unaware ]about Christianity and everything kosher. Their god is is Aja [PDF](Brauma the trancendental energy false god with his millions of gods with him).

[Satan is trying to equate Aja=name of false god] with [Aya=Title of God in Aramaic that means “Sacred Father”].

AjaMfn. Not Born, Existing From All Eternity 
AjaM. Name Of The First Uncreated Being   
AjaM. BrahmāViṣṇuŚivaKāma 

What is about to occur.

Watch Tower is poised to validate transcendental energy with their Theory of Dynamic Energy in your New World Translation (NWT) of The Bible.  This is THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION.

aja—the transcendental energy, who also never takes birth SB 10.3.47. Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ajaaja-anda-sangha—of the multitude of universes 

The word referring to [Our Sacred Father] [in Heaven] in Western Culture (called G0d) is [Aya in Aramaic].

Christianity and Western Culture are threatened by Aja, the primary false god of Indian Culture. This opens pandora’s box because Aja is Pronounced Aya. The Indian Culture has millions of gods.

God is spirit.

John 4:24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”~ESV

Not energy.

The voiced palatal approximant is a type of consonant used in many spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨j⟩. The equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is j, and in the Americanist phonetic notation it is ⟨y⟩.


The Hebrew letter yodh is always a /y/ not a /j/ when transliterating from Hebrew to English. 

Watch Tower is clearly unaware of this fact.

God is spirit, not energy.

John 4:24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Watch Tower are part of THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION and it is in their Bible at Isaiah 40:26.

It is The Real Meshikhi, Christian Followers of Yeshua vs Watch Tower and Kabbalistic Judaism (not Kosher Judaism)

Aja, otherwise known as Brahma is Satan’s choice to take on [Y’hayah], but Aja will be defeated by accurate knowledge of language and The Bible that will overwhelm even Satan himself. [Satan is less than nothing] compared to the infinite power of Ayhah. [Satan is 5’6″ tall of nothing] [standing before] [the Ayh[ of Isra’al, [looking stupid].

The name Ayah is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Miracle, Sign, Evidence. An Ayah is a ‘verse’ in the Islamic Quran. In the Quranic context the word means “evidence,” “sign” or “miracle”.

Ayah also means Father in Indonesian.

Real Meshikhi are followers of Yeshua the Messiah, Yeshua is King of God’s Kingdom now asserting authority over the Earth. Yeshua has absolute power from God, except for prayer. He has been ruling since 1914 C.E. in the midst of His enemies. Psalms Chapter 2, Psalms 110:2

Yeshua worships Y’hayah the True God.

There are no English words that express the Hebrew meaning of this scripture. But this is the real meaning.

Isaiah 6:3 And one called to the other: “Holy, holy, holy is Y’hayah of armies. And sacred, sacred, sacred is Y’hayah of armies. The whole earth is filled with His glory.”


connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose


dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose

All things pertaining to God are sacred and holy but only God is to be venerated.

Greek ἅγιος



The cool thing about Our Father in Heaven is He knows all things to the infinite degree in absolute parallel and is with is me now by means of His sacred spirit.

AHYH asher AHYH is the Exodus 3:14 answer

Ahyah asher Ihyah is the first part, seen on the page titled, Ea attempts a takeover, here’s the plan.

Here’s the second part

The Messiah, Yeshua Christ says Abba, Father is what to do and taught it to the disciples

Aja will not enter Western Culture using the X-SAMPA RULES OF TRANSLATION, period.

He would become Aya.

You are starting to see the picture through a hazy mirror.

Let me show you through a clearer lense.

God’s Name is Y’hayah only. He is Our Abba, explained on The Home Page of all time on this website.

Y’hayah is Abba, Father.

When you say Abba, Father and do not know what it means it is because you have no knowledge.

Say it this way.

Abba (wait one second) Father.

Now you know the truth.

It is Abba not Ayah as described at the beginning of this subheading.

Hinduism is trying to supplant Abba with Ayah and that is that.

And Satan would like to flood Western Culture with its millions of gods (demons) and terrorize everyone and destroy Christianity completely, using Etymology, Phonological Evolution, and the roots of language itself.

Hebrew is the language Our Father chose and the Hebrew people, The Isra’alites is who He chose for this task to destroy the Etymological Sea Monster mentioned in The Bible.

See the page titled The Sea Monster for full details about this.

With love.

The Levites must now make themselves known by thier actions to follow.

Are you with Christ Yeshua in Heaven or are you with Rebbe Melech, The Antichrist of all time.

I have put life and death before you today.

With love.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, CD

Canadian Decoration and NATO clasp

Military Occupation Code 291 (MOC 291)

1995 was my last year in the military but I have never stopped serving in reality.

Canadian Armed Forces ID# D12004878

I have 15 years of Communications Research Experience and 23 years of Biblical Research Experience

but I have been trained by Y’hayah since Sunday School.




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