Blaspheme against The Sacred Spirit

I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and The Woman of The Bible

Cursed forever is anyone who puts a patach on the beautiful word ruah (ru’-ah) which means spirit

I am Ber’Ari, Daughter of Ari

Satan is The Patach and he shall receive no more honor on this world anymore

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Behold The Bat’left

The Hebrew word פַּתָּח (pataḥ) is a vowel sign represented by a horizontal line underneath a letter. In modern Hebrew, it indicates the phoneme /a/ which is close to the “a” sound in the English word “far” and is transliterated as an “a” 12.

In the Bible, the Hebrew word פָּתָה (pathah) is used as a verb and has several meanings such as “to be spacious, wide or open”, “to allure”, “to deceive”, “to enlarge”, “to entice”, “to flatter”, “to persuade”, and “to be simple” 34.

Patach — To Open

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin

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Design and Sefirah

The patach is displayed as a straight line (similar to a horizon­tal vav). The patach represents the Sefirah of Chochmah1—the flash of an idea or wisdom. It alludes to the horizontal line of thought, as explained in the letter hei.


The numerical value of the patach is six, corresponding to the gematria of the letter vav.


To open; to have a glimmer of what was previously closed and to acquire knowledge.

Six means imperfect in Bible numbers [PDF].~Source

PataQ in Klingon is pronounced Patach. You may search it and the definition is weirdo, but every Star Trek fan knows that in the emphatic absolue sense it means, ASSHOLE.

Patach is Satanic.

The use of the colon : in Bible numbering is Satanic. A “dot” is used in The Hebrew Scriptures. Do not call it a “period” either.

THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION is in The New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures used by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses at Isayah 40.26 (Isaiah 40.26 in The Roman Bible). Read THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION AND PUT IT TOGETHER. COLON, PATAQ, ISAIAH 40.26 NWT Colon, Pataq, Excrement.

God is Spirit, NOT Energy.

Satan is nothing but a PataQ, about Our Father and His Spirit, and hates The Son of God, The First of God’s Children in Heaven and murdered him, torturing The Christ invisibly on The Cross in the most painful way possible. Crushing His testicles and disembowling Him invisibly. Do not speak of it.

Or is that just crazy talk?

The Ancient Name of Yahavah (Yah’-ha-vah’) יָהָוָה YHVH is Ahv’ah Hebrew Yahvah יָהוָה YHVH. 

Seven means perfect in Bible numbers. Yahavah contains 7 letters.

It is Yahavah, not “God” or “Gott”.

Hebrew diacritics make Hebrew sound gutteral like German and hid the name of Satan, Hillel.

Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic are beautiful, flowing, soft and musical.

Listen to The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, that is how it will be in Paradise.

Jupiter and The Vatican

Roman coin showing Jupiter with the name iove, spelled in Classical Latin along with the image of the Roman idol.

The Roman Yahweh

There is a bust of Jupiter at the Vatican with the name Giove on it pronounced jeeyahweh. You see the problem.


The Ancient Name of Yahavah יָהָוָה YHVH is Ahv’ah Hebrew Yahvah יָהוָה YHVH. Our Father, will be with you if you need Him.

The 3rd letter of The Hebrew Tetragrammaton is a /v/


The Stone of David, Etymology

The Cult of JHOH and Jovian Cult work together

The Hebrew letter yodh transformed from a /y/ to an /i/
and then a /j/ in some Roman Colonies

The Roman god IHOH

Cabala, Tegragrammaton backwords is IHOH

Hence JHOH

JHOH-vah means JHOH the good (vah is “good” in Hebrew)

iove (eeyahweh) in Classic Latin is Jupiter became Jove in English, by Jove.

As in The Jovian Cult which practices sacrifices as
in ancient Isra’Al except with people instead of animals.

Giove at the Vatican is a combination of the two.


English and Latin

The Ancient Name of Yahavah יָהָוָה YHVH is Ahv’ah Hebrew Yahvah יָהוָה YHVH. Our Father, will be with you if you need Him.

Not too much will be done right now, you would be overwhelmed.

iove is the name of Jupiter, pronounced ee-yahweh in Classic Latin. It looks like the word Love with a capital /I/ in modern typography.

L’ove (L-ov’-e), and lovers would be l’oven as opposed to l’ahven, The Children of Ahv, Ahv means Father in the one language.

Note the word oven. It involves heat.

Yahavah is ahavah is the way it will be in The Bible.

These are ancient etymologies that require much examination.

The seeds of conflict were sewn in the roots of language.

The ultimate word for Our Father is not “God”

Yah’-ha-vah’ is ahavah (1 John 4:8) And He is Our Father (Matthi 6:9)

Yah’-ha-vah’ is The Most Ancient and Sacred word for God
אהבה (ahavah) is the Hebrew word for love. There are other powerful explanations intellectually, technically and traditionally about God, but none can compare to the statement that Yah’-ha-vah’ is ahavah.

The root word of Ahavah is “ahav.” The term ahav in Hebrew means, “to give.” True Ahavah, true love, is more concerned about giving than receiving

In addition to ahavah (love), the word Yah’-ha-vah’ also contains Yah (the poetic or contracted form of the Divine Name), havah (to breathe, to be – in the sense of existence), av (Father) and avah (to sign, mark, describe with a mark).

There is nothing but beauty in the word Yah’-ha-vah’, just like there is nothing but beauty in the character of Our Father. It is a constant reminder when we read the Bible that the voice of Our Father is that of a kind and loving Father

Psalms 90:17 And let the beauty of Ahv’ah be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it

Psalms 29:2 “Give unto Ahv’ah the glory due unto his name;

worship Ahv’ah in the beauty of holiness.”

SAl Shaddai means Almighty Father, Al Gibbor means Mighty Father who replaces Adam.

But Yah’-ha-vah’ is The word for God

The first of Yahavah’s Children in Heaven is Yesha’vah. Yesha in the absolute means Salvation.

Avah means to sign with a seal or a mark because

av means “father” in Hebrew and

ah is from ruah which means “spirit”.

It’s always “Spirit Father”, never “Father Spirit”.

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