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The Tiger – China’s Infrasound Weapon Confirmed By Scientists, that causes mental breakdown and unreality in Western Culture, Slow Torture

All eyes on Libya. Libya is the Terrorist Incubator, Iran is doing the incubating with their “Voice of God” Radio Frequency (RF) Technology.

The Axis of Evil Weapon of Choice, Heavy RF that hit Joe Biden (during his speech) and me

Wi-Fi sends data via electromagnetic radiation, a type of energy. The radiation creates areas called electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

I have discovered how to do power at 0 Volts but it requires Western Culture Government Control. China, Russia and The Middle East all want to effect religio-political change in Western Culture. Vladimir Putin is a Communist but is an opportunist who will cooperate with anyone until he achieves his goal of world domination as a Czar, with the 4 traditional State Religions only.

The Tiger – China’s Infrasound Weapon

They all attack using Radio Frequency Communications. It is known science that magnets placed behind the ears change mood. Electrical impulses to magnets inside EarPods create a low power electromagnet.

Communications above ground act as a resonator with tuning fork principle. Satellite signals at 40megabaud+ are used for this purpose by Russia, China and Iran, resonating off of the lines. Lines must be buried to be safe to people and animals.

Infrasound, the same that is used in Church organs to cause people to have religious feelings is also what is happening. The bigger the Church organ, the more intense the religious experience. World leaders are affected for this reason as they attend Churches like Westminster. Low frequency sounds like that of a tigers roar are a weapon. Interestingly, China has a tiger god.

Megabaud Communications

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS, microwave syndrome) – Review of mechanisms [PDF]

CIA Submission Reference ID: MELFLDKN

Reported to NSA

For more information see the page Technology for The New Reality. It is within the text, the technology is real.

Axis of Evil using photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of the Electromagnetic spectrum known as “radio” to make people hear voices. The technology is now capable of virtual reality with haptic response. People “feel” being dissected by aliens in a VR Experience. Chemicals in foods cause dry esophagus, dry colon and dry vagina. Chemicals that sit in phlegm in the asophagus are the cause of esophageal cancer.

Rapid Ascent and Descent on aircraft used as a cost saving method, can cause batteries to in EarPods to explode due to pressurization in the cabin.

I have 15 Years of Military Communications Experience, 25 years of Biblical Research experience and Specialize in analyzing evil behavior in people caused by religion and cults.

More information about the Infrasound Weapon of China can be found on the technology page.

All of the technology on the page is real.

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