The Roman Religion

The Roman Religion

Satan and the Roman Religion and the religious leaders

The lie of the Roman religion.

God is responsible for allowing you to be tortured and can watch it happening without stopping it, even if you pray in the name of Jesus. So it is Satan who is pretending to be God and not God and this is a severe trial like that of Job.

I am being tortured by Satan because God did not send him into the abyss but instead sent him to the Earth. That’s what the Bible accuses God of doing.

God would not do that. It is a trap of the Roman religion to discredit God Almighty.

We have been trapped by the Roman religion into believing we suffer because of something God did. Biggest blaspheme to ever occur on this Earth.


And every historian knows that the Son of God came to Earth and died for us, there is no argument. And we’d better look at the Hebrew Scriptures again, because Y’shu said that Lot is righteous and I believe him. Therefore the account of lot getting drunk two nights in a row and having sex with his daughters and offering his daughters to a gang of evil men are false.

The red letters are what to believe along with the Hebrew Bible with the above exception about Lot and anything else that insinuates anything bad about God because they are insertions, including polygamy. That is the truth and I am Shaliyah, human messenger of Ya, the Living One, the only true God.

It is impossible for God to perform an evil act. Absolutely impossible.

And the Governments of this world had better be at destroying religion, because their images are driving people crazy like those Catechism horrors of a God who burns people alive forever and puts babies on pitch forks in hell.

The Bible says “their images are making them crazy”. People are going mad, now you know the reason for the severe depression on the Earth as Satan uses the Internet as a powerful medium to drive people crazy with the Roman religion. Destroy the Roman religion immediately.

On my website you will find the truth, although I could never undertake the full corrected Bible myself, I have deciphered a few key things from the Khaburis Manuscript in Aramaic.

The Gulf War was precipitated by Satan to destroy the myriad cuneiform documents being unearthed there that proved there is a God and that He does have a name, Yahwah or Ya, the Living One and His Son is called Y’shu Meshikha, Y’shu the Anointed One.

But the image in the book that will amaze you more than anything is a coat of arms with a helmet on it and a cross on top. My family and particularily me are in some way connected to that image.

My family’s actual crest bears the helmet just as the image in the book. I have kept quiet because it took my lifetime to find the answer to the ultimate question. Satan thought he could groom me as the ultimate anti-Christ from a young age, possibly 3 years old, but God had greater plans for me, because I only love God and His Son and appreciate the ransom sacrifice and I only see the love in people and their faith. Please believe me, I have always only wanted to do the right thing, but I became aware that Satan was setting me up as a high ranking magic practicing priest in 1998, but God silently made me aware of all things. There are no voices or anything else that teach me, I do research. It’s what I do. When I wake from sleep I understand the knowledge I have accumulated. There is no occult influence. And I am never afraid nor ever will be because silently in December 1998 God communicated to me by pure thought what I was to do. Lead Satan on a merry chase that would waste his time entirely and lead him to the conclusion that I would ultimately fulfill my role as anti-Christ. However, this was never possible, as God is always guiding me as stars in their orbits. I cannot change what has happened in my life, as difficult as it has been, but it has done only one thing, helped me understand that we must only have faith. Religious leaders form their god in their mind and transmit it to the laity. If they think God is cruel, that’s what He becomes to the laity because that is what is transmitted. I’m just a nice girl from Chatham, Ontario with no ulterior motive. I only want you to reassure people that there is indeed a God and that He did indeed send His Son to the Earth. I have provided the actual account on this website and I am telling the truth as far as I can discern it with God’s help.


The images speak for themselves.

Here is my story up until the point I became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was written before I discovered the true name of God, Yahwah or Ya, the Living One. I’m going to try and help the Witnesses as much as possible, although I suffered terribly when they found out that I am a trans female.

Read this, it is the truth about trans females. I suffered from dysphoria much of my life even while married (I did not understand what was happening to me) and it became severe in 2016.

I am now a happy, fulfilled woman, serving God and still trying to help others get to know Him and His great love for people and about His Son.

This chapter in my life has only drawn me closer to God despite the nature of my trials. I would do it all again,, He is my life and His Son has made it possible to be in a secure relationship with Him. It is my hope that people will benefit from my life. Then I will consider it well spent.

Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses, among other problems, are highly trained public speakers but are generally uneducated. They are dangerous to vulnerable people such as those experiencing severe dysphoria. And what are they doing telling the public not to masturbate with the largest magazine distribution in the world? They are soft spoken on the platform and in public but are ruthless with people in the back rooms of Kingdom Halls everywhere. Because of their lack of secular education they are unable to speak to complex human issues and human frailties. They should not be interacting with the public. Here is proof which includes my letter to the Supreme Court of Canada. I finally found rest and mercy from the loving Shepherd at Peace Tower Church in Ottawa and peace in my life. Religious leaders should be required by the Government to undergo gender education before ever teaching the public. I can only describe them as draconian.

The Great Tribulation

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The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religion
By James B. Hannay