Yohdh better believe it

The Yshuaya Faith ܝܼܫܘܿܥܵܝܵܐ

I am not wearing a head covering, I am a Christian so it is not required. I do want to honor Grand Duchess Olga a Red Cross Nurse and Mother Teresa, a force to be reckoned with. As a Meshikhi, a follower of the Messiah, I feel impelled by love to bring people spiritual relief worldwide.
“People must know about God’s Mercy.” ~Tiffany
Y’yahwah – Y’ya the Living One
Y’shu Meshikha – Y’shu the Anointed One
Y’ya is the true God and Y’shu is the true Messiah

Pronounced Ia and Ishu but blashphemed by Satan.

Here is your authorization: I used to appear before Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Y’ya which means God Almighty, but as for my name Y’yahwah – God Almighty, the Living One, I did not make myself known.


Hebrew YYHWH – Y’yahwah – Ia the Living One

Greek Alleluia – Praise Ia

Aramaic – Mar Ia – The Lord Ia

The Son of God

Ishu Meshikha – Ishu the Anointed One

The manuscript 4Q120 (also pap4QLXXLevb; VH 46; Rahlfs 802; LDAB 3452) is a Septuagint manuscript (LXX) of the biblical Book of Leviticus, found at Qumran. The Rahlfs-No. is 802. Palaoegraphycally it dates from the first century BCE. Currently the manuscript is housed in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

The Governments will now pray to Ia in the name of Ishu and then destroy religion. Revelation Chapter 17, 18

Nothing will stand against you

As seen on the Mesha Stele (YYHWH). The Mesha Stele (also known as the “Moabite Stone”) is a stele (inscribed stone) set up around 840 BCE by King Mesha of Moab (a kingdom located in modern Jordan).

The Meshe Stele or “Moabite Stone” c. 840 B.C.E. contains the oldest physical record of the pronunciation of God’s name by means of a double yohdh in the Divine Name.

The Tetragrammaton in the form of a double Yohdh in Ge 2:8, 18. A vellum leaf, dated to the third century C.E., was published in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Part VII, edited with translations and notes by Arthur S. Hunt, London, 1910, pp. 1, 2.

It is possible that the Jews lost the original pronunciation by superstitiously refusing to pronounce it, as is their wont.

However it is likely spelled Yyahwah and pronounced Eya-hwah or Eya the Living One.  This may be the ultimate truth, that Satan mocked God and the Son of God by creating the names Ea and Eshu as Pantheon gods in place of Y’ya and Y’shu.

Now you know the evil of Satan.

The preceding information supercedes everything on this website.

Yohdh better believe it

Silent letters are treated as if not silent. Waw and yod will normally be transliterated as u and i respectively; but when they make a diphthong, transliterate them as w and y.


Yodh (also spelled yud, yod, jod, or jodh) is the tenth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Yōd Phoenician yodh.svg, Hebrew Yōd י, Aramaic Yodh


, Syriac Yōḏ ܝ, and ArabicYāʾ ي. Its sound value is /j/ in all languages for which it is used; in many languages, it also serves as a long vowel, representing //.



In both Biblical and modern Hebrew, Yud represents a palatal approximant ([j]). As a mater lectionis, it represents the vowel [i]. At the end of words with a vowel or when marked with a sh’va nach, it represents the formation of a diphthong, such as /ei/, /ai/, or /oi/.

An Egyptian and a Moabite walk into a bar…

Anyone up for a game of Jewmanji or Jewhovah? Do not play unless you are an expert translator, if you are not an expert translator but would still like to play, I recommend 6oz of Emu Sherry. Drink it very quickly and you will be ready for the game.

Latinization of the Pronunciation of God’s name.

You are probably wondering about the “J” in the name Jehovah . Well, William Tyndale said that it is Iehovah in Latin.

In Latin, the letter J is a modern typographical convention for the consonant form of I. The letter I in ancient times represented either a vowel or a consonant.

Thank you to: httpss://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/J#Pronunciation_6

Sometimes one will see a “j” in Latin. Technically Latin has no letter J. It was introduced in the 13th century or thereabouts to differentiate between the vowel i and the consonant i. The consonantal i is like our y. “Major” in Latin is pronounced as MAH-yor. Until this last century, most printed Latin texts used the j to indicate the different sounds. Today the j’s are usually replaced with the more classical i’s.

Thank you to: https://www.preces-latinae.org/thesaurus/Introductio/Pronunciatio.html

The Hebrew letter vav

Most scholars agree that the ancient pronunciation of the letter was more like a “W” and less like the “V” that it currently represents in the Modern Hebrew language.

Thank you to: https://www.hebrewtoday.com/content/hebrew-alphabet-letter-vav-%D7%95

Get this: Today, translators would have said Iehovah not Jehovah and pronounced it Yehovah. How spiffy.

Mind bender from Google: If you are reading Latin as it was originally spelled, the letter i is sometimes this consonant “y,” and sometimes a vowel. For example, the name Iulius or “Julius” is pronounced “Yoo-lee-us.”

The Obfuscating of God’s Name

The cause of the confusion with the pronunciation of God’s name. The “w” in the name Yehowah was changed to a “v” via modern Hebrew and the ancient Latin “i” was changed typographically to a “j” and then back to an “i”.

How confusing for people to see Jehovah(YHWH)!

The Hebrew name Yehohshua and it’s rich meaning and phonetic sounding is meant to preserve God’s name Yehowah forever.

Calling Yehohshua by the Latinized name Jesus lead to the Latinized name Jehovah which had the effect of causing Watch Tower to call Yehohshua by the name Jehoshua. Yes, this actually happened.


The name Jesus (Gr., I·e·sousʹ) corresponds to the Hebrew name Jeshua (or, in fuller form, Jehoshua), meaning “Jehovah Is Salvation.”



This leads to the disconnection of God’s name and his Son’s name. Jehovah/Jehoshua “vah/wah” Namely the “w” sound of the Hebrew letter “vav”.

It is Yehowah/Yehohshua. The “w” sound of the Hebrew letter “vav” is consistent.

At the time, Watch Tower innocently chose the name Jehovah, believing English was the direction to go.

However, to honor the Son, who was given the name Yehohshua with all of its meaning and phonetic information and containing the full name of God in the pronunciation, it obvious that using the name Yehohshua is superior to using the name Jesus. Yehohshua is the name that is above every other name.

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