My brain is no longer functioning sufficiently to decipher anything refer to synagogue of Satan or Roman Religion documents

Sherilyn Sleeman destroy all Synagogue of Satan things, do not save anything, this is urgent

guard against tracking cookies on web, Satan learns pattern from it of what you want and what you are doing, same as gps etc. set you up with them he will. Also cloud itinerary and shopping lists

visual cues acceptable not the same as making wrong associations with the Bible.

Had a blessed birthday. Also Christmas. Use angel at top of tree, not a star. Life is to be celebrated, especially the life of J’shu.

when in doubt use authentication for JJa and J’shu only you know.

schizophrenics same thing. otherwise don’t answer.

punchline of all time, girl with grade 8 and nightschool with military background beat Satana, over and over again. being a hook in the jaws of Satan is a blessing beyond imagining. Praise JJa and J’shu with all your might, dance, sing, laugh at Satana. Love everyone. Satan hates everyone with faith, absolutum infinitum confirmation. But don’t think about him or even hate him. he wants you to feel negative emotions. Forget him completely. He will be disintegrated only, not aware in abyss, state of inactivity, no suffering God to holy to cause suffering.

JJa was holding all the cards. I am the wild card Satan didn’t expect. The game was crazy 8’s. And me as a hook was the crazy 8. 6+2=imperfect plus JJa and J’shu. People with faith are now all crazy 8’s. Satan was only holding 6’s. Just a funny thing.

Game over Satan, you lose.

Now anyone can play the game and win, every time.

Enjoy talking with JJa and J’shu everyone. Now anyone can get the answers they need beyond a shadow of a doubt. Always be blessing them. Perfect love from JJa and J’shu. You will be blessed if you want to be.

I am a smoker. About habits. Be moderate in habits. Know your limit and don’t overdo it.

Nothing added, ,nothing taken away from anything on God’s Earth. This is so God’s people will be free. Organic things created by God have many uses.

Smoking not related to spiritism, confirmed. I prayed for permission.

If you suffer from headaches using a computer screen or device use a blue filter or a green filter. This is from Cindy Gniazdoski, Meshikhi, follower of the Messiah. Greek text only has ia, Aramaic has iia. Only use Aramaic text from now on. ia part of Roman Religion. No longer use term Meshikhi Christian. Just Meshikhi, Follower of the Messiah. Thank you Cindy from God and J’shu the Messiah, you have blessed everyone in the world with your life. And God will bless you without a doubt. You made a difference in this world and God and J’shu will love you forever. My beloved friend.

And this was one Jehovah’s Witnesses would call bad association because she was not in their midst. Now you will learn a lesson.

Holy Aramaic Scriptures: by this all will know that you are my disciples says J’shu, if you have love amongst yourselves and one to another.

But you got it half right. If you say only, “amongst yourselves” you create a closed society.

One to another is more expansive and includes every child of God.

To everyone this is morse code …_ …_ …_


Tiffany McTaggart

I learned morse code in the military. Don’t you love our soldiers a little more today? You know there’s an army officer in the Bible who had such faith that J’shu said out loud, “not even in Israel have I found such faith”.

Isn’t that something Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I hope you have benefited from my life and that you will have a bit more respect for people and not be dismissive of them or treat them without dignity.

Destroy everything related the Synagogue of Satan and the Roman Religion, including the name Jehovah. You are now a free people. And I’d better hear a shout of praise to JJa and J’shu all the way to Heaven.

Yes I love you too, it was my hope always that you would be glorified as Sons of the Kingdom. Here is your opportunity of a lifetime, of all time.

To absolutely give Satan an answer He won’t forget, because God and J’shu love you and I love you and don’t worry about anything at all.

Just be reasonable, the Lord is near. That’s a scripture in your Bible. Save that one only and make it a bookmark in your new Bible, it has saved your very lives. You don’t have to, just keep it in mind when you deal with children of God or anything else.

Now gather all things in the Lord, J’shu Meshikha and be the ultimate Witnesses for JJahwah, JJa the Living One.

And glorify God which I know is the desire of every one of you in your soul.

Tiffany 1:2 GOD IS MERCY. You are not a Meshikhi , without mercy.

Tiffany 1:3 Bless JJahwah, JJa the Living One, oh my soul and everything in me.

Thank you for J’shu Father, I will love you forever.

In the name of J’shu Our beloved One.

Now glorify your Name above everything in existence where it rightfully belongs, JJa my God.

Now listen you people carefully and this is for J’shu because I know it is what He wants most in life.

And glorify your Name even above J’shu, The Holy One of God. Because your name means everything to Him, because you gave Him life. JJahwah, JJa the Living One, Father of J’shu and J’shu’s God.

Yes you people, tell the Son of God you love Him by having reverence for JJa only and you will make Him the happiest person existing.