Read the Bible and listen to your conscience. Don’t be mean, don’t be violent. Psalms 11:5

The body is designed in such a way that Holy Spirit is not active during private and intimate things.  Body signals.

Song of Solomon 8:6 Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame.

Nothing, repeat nothing, is as damaging to marriage and sex as rules and regulations made by human religious leaders. They extinguish the blazing fire by making the bedroom a regulated place, a place where God is watching you and you cannot relax. Nothing, repeat nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets fix the bedroom!

When nobody interferes with marriage and sex, it is as God designed it. An exquisite delight, a way to draw closer together and to strengthen the marriage bond. And it is uninhibited.

Sexual Positions

There are no restrictions.

Fun Talk

There are words that can be used in the bedroom but should not be used in public. A little fun talk goes a long way.

Preparing your body for optimal sex

While showering, near the end of your shower, exfoliate your nipples by rubbing them gently in a circular motion with the part of your hand beneath your thumbs or your thumbs. Don’t worry, they won’t fall off, but a lot of dead skin may slough off and you may have a bit of pinkness and tenderness. It will eventually go away. Rinse with water afterwards. After about six months of doing this once in a while, you will be optimized for sex. And you can be ready almost instantly for sex at any time just by rubbing your nipples or even better, having your partner do it.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is no problem.

If you do not want to perform oral sex, consider a partial solution. If there is only one particular part of oral sex you do not want, then express that to your partner clearly. Do what you can 😉

Hint: Imagine sex in the Paradise Earth, “uninhibited”.

When you are perfect, Isaiah 33:24, and your flesh is fresher than in youth, Job 33:25 then sex will also be perfect.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is no problem between a man and a woman only. Genesis 19:5-8

Be intelligent about it and use lubrication so you do not tear delicate tissues.


Masturbation is a personal choice matter, we are dignified with it.


A person will be ceremonially unclean for one hour after any type of sexual activity. If it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

Preparing for Sex and Fun Talk

The truth that sets women free.

My purpose is the same as the original woman. To be a helper, a compliment and to make someone happy. That is why I was created.

To prepare your body for optimal sex, at the end of your shower with the water still running, step back from the water and rub your nipples in a circular motion with the palms of your thumbs until they are exfoliated, then rinse them off.

This will take 1-6 months after which time they will be optimal all the time for sex.

Once they are optimal, it will be easy to be ready for sex quickly. Just rub them with your thumbs to get started. You can also reach orgasm faster and it is exciting for your partner to watch.

Fun talk during sex may include words like “cock”, “pussy” and “fuck”. Communicate to your partner if you are uncomfortable with anything. “Fuck” is not a bad word if used during sex.

I wanted to know what was spiritually clean, not human wisdom, not Satanic propaganda.

However, these words should only be used for fun talk, never in a profane or abusive tone and not in public. Do not be vulgar. Remember the principle not to offend someone else or bother their conscience.

That’s the difference.

Fun things from the Mind of Tiffany:

Nice things to say during sex:

Put it in my mouth.

Would you like a blow job?

I like to suck.

I want to suck your cock.

Let’s fuck.

I want to fuck.

You can have me any way you want me 🙂

You can be uninhibited. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

While you are playing with his cock, say, “I like to suck” or “I want to suck your cock”

Don’t use cute words for it during sex, say “cock”

When he’s on top, say, “I like to fuck” and fuck me harder if it is too light

Drop a pillow on the bed to let him know how hard you want him to thrust if the thrusting is too light to feel it. Use a pillow with some weight to it.

Play with your nipples while he is on top or while you are on top.

If you want to hear him say “lick it” and “suck it”, tell him.

If you’re horny and want sex just say it. “I’m horny” or even better, “I am so horny!”.

If you want the ultimate then let it be in your mouth when it ejaculates but you don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to, just let it run out of your mouth. You can also just let it ejaculate toward your open mouth and onto your breasts and then lick it like an ice-cream cone. Or just do the licking thing. That’s also fun.

Don’t worry about how fast your partner cums. If it is the usual thing, you may be able to have it last as long as you want the second time. You can lick his cock to start with until he cums and then try sucking until it is hard again. Suck it even if it isn’t hard, it’s very exciting. You can also say, “how would you like to watch me for a while?” and then proceed to make yourself orgasm for him. It can be an exciting thing. Don’t be shy about it. Do it just like you would if you were alone 🙂 You can also just take a nap together and be close for a while. It can be a wonderfully intimate thing if you want it to be.

Erectile Dysfunction – a few ideas that might help

To get the male genitalia to function when it is on the fritz.

Ginkgold 120mg by Nature’s Way and lots of coffee may remedy any problems.
(Check with your pharmacist to make sure there is no conflict with medications
and Ginko Biloba) Ginkgold by Nature’s Way is the only one with the forumulation
of Ginko Biloba that has the desired effect.

Both are natural, both just fine.

After trying that, see a doctor about it if necessary and don’t be embarrassed, and if it still doesn’t work after you’ve tried everything, oral sex is exciting hard or soft. Get some toys like a cock sleeve vibrator and/or a vibrator and have fun anyway. Look, it can be fun “no matter what”. If he’s wearing a strap on dildo and entering you from behind, you’ll be satisfied. Make it work with whatever you have. Just don’t give up on sex.

Just have fun and be communicating.

Adam and Eve didn’t have TV, Internet or anything else. However, life would not be boring with perfect bodies, always naked. They would look only at each other sexually. She would notice his muscles flexing, the bounce of his cock, and he would notice her breasts bouncing and her hips wiggling. She would notice him looking at her and see his cock getting hard and want to play with it. They had uninhibited love. People will have perfect bodies again in the paradise, something to look forward to. Think 18 years old. For now, don’t make such a big deal about the body. It will be just so, perfectly developed, in the near future paradise.

Look at your partner and everything you love about them and tell them.

I love your smile. I love your eyes. I love the way you look at me. I love everything about you. I love it when you ______ I love it when you______ Say these things during sex but not just during sex. Say them all the time. I love love love is the way to speak. You make me happy happy. Then you will create a loving environment for a happy, healthy relationship.

But don’t be dumb by forgetting to do the fun talk. Keep it exciting. Example: “I love it when you fuck me like this.”

The Earth will be filled with happy, healthy people.

One final note. Say to your partner, “I want to communicate more. Even if we are bit awkward at first, let’s try to communicate like this until it’s perfect.” Even have them read this page if you want and say, “this is what I want for us”.

Alone and masturbating? Well, you can do the fun talk too Just imagine what you will say and do with your partner and have fun. Say it out loud or mouth it. Get a vibrating cock sleeve or a vibrator if you want and love yourself. It’s not a sin to love yourself, it will make you sexually healthy and happy. You’re not weird. And if you don’t want to, don’t worry about it. It’s a personal choice.

Love, Tiffany

I’m not an expert, it’s just how I am. I want to help everyone have fun.

Isn’t it nice to know you can have such freedom and be spiritual too? Superior freedom.

Aside from masturbation, you should be married before having sex.

But you can share this knowledge with your perspective partner-to-be so they know that you are sexually intelligent and not inhibited by religion.