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You’re wondering about these people and for good reason.
Is their love for you any different than mine?
Not really, the laity just don’t know what to do.
They are wonderful, spiritually beautiful people who love God, love Jesus and appreciate His sacrifice (but their doctrine about Y’shu is wrong, although they always strive to follow Him). They’ve been told that you are bad association. Even though you are made in God’s image as they are, even though you love Him as they do. Even though God calls you “my people” at Revelation 18:4.
They don’t know that you are their brothers and sisters doing God’s will by having love one to another.
They don’t know that you are not bad people.
Make sure you learn this website first, then love them like mad and have fun and enjoy them. That’s what Meshikhi do. We only love people.

So make sure to call them brother and sister and always invite them in for coffee or tea and be as loving as possible with them.

Put on the praise dance mix and tell them this is one of the things we do Psalms 149:3, that it is a part of worship in the Bible

Psalms 149:3 Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before Yahweh with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

  1. Meshikhi 0:03
  2. Jason_Gray_-_Glow_In_the_Dark_Official_Audio 3:52
  3. Reason_-_Lyric_Video_Unspoken[myplaylist-youtubemp3.com] 3:19
  4. Mat_Kearney_-_Air_I_Breathe_Official_Lyric_Video 3:33
  5. Alive_by_Big_Daddy_Weave_NEW_MUSIC 3:23
  6. Matthew_West_-_Mended_Official_Lyric_Video 3:53
  7. Ryan_Stevenson_Eye_of_the_Storm_feat._GabeReal_Radio_Version_Official_Lyric_Video 3:26
  8. We_Are_Messengers_-_Everything_Comes_Alive_Official_Video 4:03
  9. Deitrick_Haddon_s_LXW_-_Great_God 4:34
  10. Skillet_-_Stars_The_Shack_Version_Official_Music_Video 3:58
  11. Third_Day_-_Soul_On_Fire_Official_Lyric_Video 3:24
  12. TobyMac_-_Speak_Life 3:42
  13. Micah_Tyler_-_Even_Then_Official_Audio 3:18
  14. Third_Day_Trust_In_Jesus 4:11


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Make sure to tell them as they leave that Yahweh, Alaha God loves them and Y’shu Christ loves them.

Together we can change the world, just like Y’shu wanted it to be and how Alaha wants it to be.