Ja and J’shu

Whenever I ask God what to say to someone or to the world, the answer is always the same.

“Tell them I love them”

Ja and J’shu

pronounced Ya and Y’shu.

Yohdh is always a “j” pronounced as a “y”.

But it confuses the hell out of people.


If you want to translate Yahwah to Hebrew using modern machines use Yahawah or Yahvah but it’s actually Jahwah pronounced Yahwah. Only the human brain can currently do the translation.

Don’t translate the name of God is the lesson for all eternity. Just use Jahwah and pronounce it Yahwah as in the Semitic languages.

When God reverts the languages to the original language it will be pronounced Yahwah, Ya, the Living One and Y’shu Meshikha, Y’shu the Anointed One.