Donald Trump

Donald Trump

God isn’t interested in politics, however, when people in power do good God considers them to be ministers.

The man is trying to have faith, and Yahwah, Ya the Living One, will become Jehovah for him and will deliver him. You see from the lowest person to the highest official, we are only children to God and he only knows him as Donald, a person trying to have faith, regardless of what is happeningn in his life. Soon all will know YYa, whether they accept the love of Our Father is up to each one.

Do not be judging anyone and you will not be judged.

I underwent a severe trial and here was my conclusion, but I have to write it a certain way so you understand.

God has no fatherly instincts, so he allows us to be tortured and can watch it without doing anything. That is how Satan wants us to feel. We are only undergoing severe trial. God is love and mercy and only wants us to remember who He is, and that He will fix everything after our trial by Satan who says we will not love God if put to the test. We love you Our Father and this is the profound thing of all time. A sacred thing. If it seems God is not acting like a father, remember our Lord when he was tested until death. It may just be, that we are undergoing something similar. We are not Jesus, just on a similar course of proving our love for God is real and that we cannot be shaken. And God will reward us with a wonderful life beyond imagining. We are His children and He loves us, no matter what. Love God no matter what happens you you in this world, that is how you defeat Satan and the spirit world. Only be mindful and remember to say the Lords prayer, let us not enter into testing, but rather, deliver us from evil.

Praise God and don’t neglect prayer. And you will never lose your soul.

with love,


I am Shaliyah, God’s messenger for this generation.

Bible time period 1914-2034 C.E. Soon God will gather all things in Christ. Only have faith.